As I’ve heard so many times now, no one will probably read this blog for at least a couple of months, so I’ll stop worrying about what to write and start writing more instead.

When my friend told me he quit facebook half a year ago (and now his sister as well!) I felt weirded out. Why would he do such a thing? What’s a life without facebook, and why wouldn’t you have it?

But I was proud of him. He just screwed the pressure and quit it. He actually seemed to find life more pleasant to be without it. He had more time and didn’t worry about things on facebook that didn’t affect his life.

I started thinking about my own facebook habits and, dear, did I spend time there! I was working at a pretty monotone job at an office, and had much dead time where I couldn’t actually do anything, so I turned to facebook. Just a quick alt+tab has never hurt anyone, has it?  I was shifting my focus very often, stressing my body and my mind by doing it.

I didn’t get much out of it either. The people I wanted to stay in contact with, I stayed in contact with even outside of facebook, so that wasn’t a problem, and people I was just barely staying in touch with… well, why would you even want to spend time on trying to keep that kind of friendship? Save you and the other person some time and stop sending meaningless texts to each other just to entertain a friendship that will never deepen.

So what would I gain from quitting it then? There’s a few things:

– More time
– More focus
– Less stress
– Less jealousy (many people get jealous at others through facebook)
– More time spent with friends offline

But what about all you miss out on on facebook then!? All events and all funny groups!?
Well, about groups: Are they really that funny? Most people aren’t impressed by what groups you’re in, they just want to tell you what groups THEY’re in, so you can get impressed by them.
And don’t worry about events. If people want you invited to something, you’ll get invited.
What about fan sites? If you like an artist or a blogger or something similar, support them by taking part of they’re creations and maybe donate them some money on their homepage, go to their concerts and events and tell your friends about them! Give them support that matters if you really like them.

Sure, if you quit facebook you will miss out on knowing that your friend didn’t have time for coffee in the morning, and that she loves here boyfriend more than anyone else loves anyone in this world, or maybe even that someone is on his way to work.

But I can live without knowing that, so I made a promise to myself to quit it before I left for Japan to stay here for a year, so I wouldn’t spend time on it while living abroad. I wanted to earn get experience doing awesome things, not sitting on facebook. I downloaded an application for downloading all pictures with my tag on them (which is the only ones most people care about anyway), and after that, I set “Good bye, facebook!” as my status, and quit.

Nothing weird happened. I still had a life, I still had friends, and I still got invited to fun events.

Now when people mention facebook around me it feels grey and old, and I remember the time when I had it with a small pain in my head, recalling how much time I spent on it without gaining anything from it. Internet feels like a thing I can use for a purpose again, and not just checking if someone has tried to contact you for a small attention kick.

It felt way harder making the decision to quit than it actually was to do it. I can strongly recommend doing it, unless you’re using it for promoting something like a band, a blog or your company, in which case I strongly suggest you limit yourself to a certain amount of time each day or week to actually make the most out of the time you spend there. Limited time pushes the important things to top priority and you’ll get them done before the time is out. Maybe you can even let someone else who don’t want to quit facebook at all to do it for you instead?

I feel it’s only been for the better, and I really enjoy my life free from facebook and the stress it brought with it.

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