You could learn how to play this!

Sometimes it’s really easy to be content with working or going to school. Like it doesn’t matter what you do before you go there or after you get home, because you’ve already been a good girl or boy and done your duty for society.

I’ve been there and I’m still struggling with it sometimes. But I also know that living that way will never get anywhere in life, and I won’t get better at things I like or do things I want to do. Your life is more than just going to work or school, thinking otherwise is punishing yourself.

I was taking a walk today, and I took a quiet break in the nearby park, watched some children play around, and just sat there. I was thinking I should practice some guitar and study Japanese today, but I was also blocked by the thought “Wouldn’t it be nicer just to not do anything demanding today? It’s weekend after all”.

But even though I like to have some days when I don’t do anything, it hit me that doing these things wouldn’t be demanding. I love playing guitar, and I really want to learn Japanese, that’s why I’m here, so why am I thinking like this?

I don’t get better at Japanese or playing guitar by not doing it. It can help watching a movie or just listening to music from time to time but at some point you will have to get off your ass and just do what you love and get better at it. And you WILL get better at it if you just keep doing it regularly and don’t give up too fast. And it’s fun getting better at what you love! If it gets a bit dull, take a break, take a walk, and get back to doing it!

Getting good at things and making changes in your life take time, so having good motivation and do things you love is important. And it’s so much more rewarding, both for your soul and your aims, to let yourself take time to get good at things. If you got good at anything in just a few days, then anyone could be good anything without putting any effort to it, and that would take away all the fun.

Making a better person of yourself is what I believe life is about, and I also believe that that is how you get happy, by constantly improving yourself and your mind.

What do you want to do?

  • Learn to play the guitar? Pick up the guitar, search youtube for guitar tutorials!
  • Start saving money? Stop spending and learn to be happy with what you’ve got!
  • Getting healthier? Check Internet for healthy recipes, cut out unhealthy food and start moving!
  • Getting a cleaner room/house? Clean it, declutter it and keep it clean and decluttered!

What do you want to get good at? What do you love doing? Are you doing it right now? If not, start doing them! It’s your life, so do the things you love, there’s no reason in the world not to!

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