This is something I’ve been thinking and reading quite a lot about lately. What’s “tweaking your life” about?

For example, a few months ago I started practicing guitar more than I used to before. Maybe 30 minutes almost everyday. At first it seemed like usual, I didn’t see any instant results, so it felt a bit boring (Remember that this happens to me, even though I’ve been practicing guitar for years and KNOW results show up over time, and I still have a hard time convincing myself sometimes). I was practicing a thing called sweep picking, but it was really hard at the beginning, I went in slow motion speed, trying to get the pick and fingers in the right places ding the sweeps. But week by week I felt the speed and accuracy increase, and I got thrilled by it! I showed of my new skills to a friend, and she refused to believe that just a few months ago I couldn’t do it at all! I’m far from mastering it, but I’m way better than I was before.

Tweak: Started practicing guitar, which I like, about 30 minutes almost every day.
Result: Guitar skills improving faster than I imagined.

Everything you do add up do what you are. If you quit one bad habit, you’ve deleted one thing you didn’t like about yourself or your life. It might seem like a small thing, but then you learn something new that you like, and then you’ve deleted one bad thing and added one good thing, that’s two good things, and you’ve improved yourself towards what you want to be. And you have a lot of time in life to delete bad habits and add good ones and learn new skills. The more you do this the closer you’ll be to the person you want to be!

When I started thinking thinking more of the long run than the short run, that is, results over time instead of results in one hour, things started adding upp more quickly than I though. More than often the joy of doing new things or quitting bad things is the thrill of the moment. You always get that when you try something new, but it’s hard to sustain because once the first curve of success plains out a bit, it’s hard to imagine that what you don’t see results of right now will show result in the future, probably a closer future than the one you’re thinking of.

So don’t think it’s a waste doing small improvements. Big improvements start as small ones, and add up! It doesn’t just sound nice, it’s true as well! I’ve written about this before, but I’m so excited about it, I have to write about it again!