I just read a post from the blog Castles in the Air about having the same outfit for 7 weeks and I got really happy when read it! I thought it sounded pretty fun, and since I’m usually wearing the same clothes for at about one week in a row anyways, I think I’m gonna try to extend the period for a try.

Most of the clothes I have I really like, that’s why they’re selected as the few ones to stay with me while the rest is put on the free take here in the guest house where I live. You may call me a dirty boy (;D) but I’m not of the opinion that something that’s worn has to be washed after every use, especially not pants and sweaters. I can understand people wanting to wash socks and undies though, and I do that to.

I mostly like simple and brownish clothes, so I think it’ll be a fast decision. I’ll post a picture of my fancy outfit someday soon when I have it on picture. Feel free to join me for at least a week and tweet about it!

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