Two weeks ago (or something like that) I posted that I’d try to wear the same set of clothes for at least a week in a row. So I did it. I didn’t get even one comment on it, and it didn’t feel very strange at all. It felt good though to have completed the mission, but it wasn’t such a big change after all, since I find myself all the time wearing basically the same set of clothes for longer periods of time anyways even when I’m not in a challenge.

I can’t really say it saved me time either, since I usually don’t spend much time choosing clothing in the mornings (I don’t have that much to choose from anyways ^^), but it did bring some sort of peace of mind, because it totally eliminated even the choice to choose, and that can be very calming.

I’m sorry I haven’t taken a picture of the outfit yet, I just think it’s so boring to take pictures and manage them, but I promise I’ll fix one within the week and put it in this post.