This is a normal morning train in the Tokyo area.When I went to school today, I didn’t get very far at first. When I arrived at the station the first sign that the trip was gonna take a bit longer than normal was that it was quite crowded. That is, you had to push yourself to get through the crowd of people to even get to the station. I heard in the speakers that the train wouldn’t be up and running for another 30-40 minutes, so I thought, why not take a walk to the next station? Instead of getting stressed out, angry or irritated, I just started walking to the next station, enjoying being outside.

But wasn’t I going to be late? Oh yeah, big time. It took me 3 hours to even get to the school, and even though I usually get there 1 hour before it starts, I missed the first class by getting 1 hour late. But there was nothing I could do about it. I texted my teacher saying I was gonna be late, and then I started practicing being present and calm, some mind practice. Why feel stressed out and angered for getting late when it’s gonna happen anyway? Just be present, adapt to make yourself feel better and calm and you’ll get where you’re going anyway, feeling refreshed and happy instead of tired and having a worried stomach.

When you find yourself in a stressful situation, try to focus and turn it into a practice instead. Be the master of the moment! (“Moment Master”, it sounds pretty awesome to me). If you like being in control of things, then this is just perfect for you! I know it isn’t easy, and it might not work in all situations for everyone, but in most cases of stressing moments, like the example I just brought up -being late-, it will work just awesomely. Try focus on your breathing, the feeling of air going through your nose (or mouth if you prefer it). Try thinking of awesome things, or how great your breakfast tasted (if you had one. If you didn’t, you should start having it, you’ll feel less hungry, and it’s easier to get stressed out on an empty stomach). Instead of thinking how stupid and annoying the people around you are, just because they’re in your way of getting on time, try to imagine their situations; They’re probably getting late too, and they probably got to the station well on time, just as you did, to get where they’re going. They’re all in the same situation as you, and they’re not trying to piss you off just by being there. No matter how angry or irritated or stressed out you get, you won’t get there faster. And being stressed out and angry requires energy, so you’ll probably end up hungry as well, and no one likes being hungry. (Maybe some people do, but I don’t know anyone who does).

Just compare these pictures of me:

Me being calm, at peace, one with the world :')

Me, being calm, at peace, one with the world :')

Me, being angry, mad at the traffic and all the stupid people around me! GRR!!!

Me, being angry, mad at the traffic and all the stupid people around me! GRR! >: (

Which one looks like he’ll be having the better day? I don’t know about you, but I’d be betting my pot of gold on the calm one.

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