Why do people think they need to own everything by themselves in their own yard, house, or even room?

Why do we think we need so big gardens and outdoor furniture just for ourselves when there are public gardens and woods and green areas outside?

Why do we think we need big houses or big gardens so we can move around freely inside them, when we can move as freely as we want outside?

Why do we think we need more furniture and kitchen wares for hosting guests, when we can visit others, or borrow and improvise (or have them bring their own stuff if possible)? Most of us doesn’t have guests that often anyways (At least not so many that the normal amount wouldn’t cover it anyway). What do we think makes us responsible for having enough stuff to support more than our own family? Sure a few extra can be a good idea (not just in case of guests, something might break!) but there’s a limit.

Why do we think we need our own copy of every book we’ve ever liked and read, instead of giving it away when we’re done reading it, or even borrowing it to start with, or reading it in a library?

When it comes to material stuff, let others complete your stuff (by borrowing) and let yourself complete other’s (by lending), instead of wasting resources and space on having your own copy of everything by yourself.

These are just a few examples, but there’re more things we could learn to not own and still have.

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