Emotions are like fire. Fire is full of constant change. It can give warmth, but it can also be destructive if left unwatched. Used well and carefully fire can light up candles to brighten up a room and give comfort and warmth. But let loose or used carelessly and without control it can burn down your house and hurt you and those around.

Fire can be wounderful when being watched and cared for, and equally destructive and dangerous if left alone.

Watch your feelings and see what’s going on inside. See and accept what’s happening there. This is more important than acting upon them. Fire can spread uncontrollably if left alone, just as emotions can build up new emotions out of your control if left alone. Just being aware and accepting of your emotions can do much more than ignoring or acting upon them without observation.

Emotions are a part of life and aren’t going anywhere. But when you can learn to observe them rather than blindly acting upon them you can save yourself and others a lot of pain, both psychological and physical, and you can start to grow as a person.