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This month is a bit of pinch for me when coming to economy. Last month didn’t bring as much as normal, and lots of bills (the irony) were waiting for me. That plus the mandatory savings that I put away each month, plus retirement savings, didn’t leave too much left.

So I decided to give a try to a tactic my friend told me about a while ago. It’s pretty simple but it gives a great overview of your current state in the economy this month. It looks like this:

economy overview

It’s all in Swedish Crowns

It’s not much. Once you’ve set up the bootstrap, there’re only two things to change each month: Total and Days this month. The total amount of available money each month is divided by the number of days to show how much you have avaialble every day. The number showed next to saved is how much of your available money you’ve not used this far.

So at the end of every day you enter how much you’ve spent that day in the used column. As you see I’ve put in 0 on day 1 and 2, which brought saved up to 407 (Swedish Crowns, SEK). I can actually see exactly how much of my resources I’ve used this month, that’s awesome! On day 3 I used part of my daily available amount, and on day 4 I did some grocery shopping for the week, using more than I had that day. But I can see that thanks to my days where I didn’t use any I’m still doing well.

When you start using it, it will also be in the back of your head all the time like a last line of defence for when you want to buy a small snack or similar; “Hmm, that ice cream/chocolate bar/*random tasty thing* looks really good. But it’d be awesome to keep the 0 today, and get some more saved points!”.

This motivates me a lot not to spend money on small things, because you will see in a very direct way how it affects your economy at the end of the day. Many times I’ve thought “Bah, 20kr isn’t that much, I can have that“, and bought me a coffee or tea. It’s true, it’s not much, but it’s very hard to have a good overview in your head, and sometimes I would think like that several times in one day, several days in a row, and all of a sudden I’ve used up a lot in a very short period of time. But when you have to put in at the end of every day how much you’ve spent you become much more aware of how much and how fast things pile up.

It’s only the 8th this month, but I think this method has already saved me probably a copule of hunded.

Here’s the link to it if you want to try it out!


Yesterday I decided to go vegetarian. I didn’t have any reasons left not to.

I’ve had many great inspirations, and I’ve been eating mostly vegetarian food for about half a year now so the transition won’t be that much of an effort, and there are so many awesome vegan stuff out there, and more is coming, so I don’t think it’ll be very hard. I will most likely go vegan as well at some point but I don’t want to make too much change at once so I might risk getting discouraged, and we’re trying to work out how to make awesome food together at home as well, and going vegan straight away might be too big a step for us.

It feels very good, even being only on the second day. Making up my mind did a lot for my mental health and well-being. I feel free in some way, like I’ve been carrying a big secret and now it’s out. And I feel I’m not betraying my animal friends anymore (at least not as much, I’m still not vegan. At least some of the things CAN be produced while still treating animals gently and lovingly, unlike meat where you can’t avoid killing. But not at the mass production rate we’re going with today.)

I’ve been calling myself a wannabe-vegetarian for a while, but I still unconsciously put off stop eating animals for some reason. Maybe I was afraid of change, or maybe I wasn’t ready yet. But I’ve been feeling pretty bad supporting vegan diet while still going on not doing anything myself, and many times I met other vegans and vegetarians I felt a bit bad because I envied them, and I couldn’t find any excuses for not eating vego-style as well. Important note: These excuses were for myself only, no one has ever tried pushing vegan och vegetarian lifestyle on me.

However, yesterday when we were doing some shopping plans for food I came to the insight that change can only happen in the present moment (#thepowerofnow, fuck yeah!) and understood that it was time, and talked with my girlfriend about it. We changed a few things on the shopping list, went shopping, and got back home and made the best darn pizza I’ve had in a long time.

So far many have showed me love and support for my decision (both vegans and not), and many of the same people have been great inspirations to me. Thank you! ❤