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This month is a bit of pinch for me when coming to economy. Last month didn’t bring as much as normal, and lots of bills (the irony) were waiting for me. That plus the mandatory savings that I put away each month, plus retirement savings, didn’t leave too much left.

So I decided to give a try to a tactic my friend told me about a while ago. It’s pretty simple but it gives a great overview of your current state in the economy this month. It looks like this:

economy overview

It’s all in Swedish Crowns

It’s not much. Once you’ve set up the bootstrap, there’re only two things to change each month: Total and Days this month. The total amount of available money each month is divided by the number of days to show how much you have avaialble every day. The number showed next to saved is how much of your available money you’ve not used this far.

So at the end of every day you enter how much you’ve spent that day in the used column. As you see I’ve put in 0 on day 1 and 2, which brought saved up to 407 (Swedish Crowns, SEK). I can actually see exactly how much of my resources I’ve used this month, that’s awesome! On day 3 I used part of my daily available amount, and on day 4 I did some grocery shopping for the week, using more than I had that day. But I can see that thanks to my days where I didn’t use any I’m still doing well.

When you start using it, it will also be in the back of your head all the time like a last line of defence for when you want to buy a small snack or similar; “Hmm, that ice cream/chocolate bar/*random tasty thing* looks really good. But it’d be awesome to keep the 0 today, and get some more saved points!”.

This motivates me a lot not to spend money on small things, because you will see in a very direct way how it affects your economy at the end of the day. Many times I’ve thought “Bah, 20kr isn’t that much, I can have that“, and bought me a coffee or tea. It’s true, it’s not much, but it’s very hard to have a good overview in your head, and sometimes I would think like that several times in one day, several days in a row, and all of a sudden I’ve used up a lot in a very short period of time. But when you have to put in at the end of every day how much you’ve spent you become much more aware of how much and how fast things pile up.

It’s only the 8th this month, but I think this method has already saved me probably a copule of hunded.

Here’s the link to it if you want to try it out!


"Deep inside, it's always my time" - Cry of a Restless Soul, Lost Horizon

Yesterday I dropped my wallet. It was about 40 000 yen (about 3000 sek) and my room key in it. I  was just about to enter the supermarket when I took off my bag and opened the outer pocket on my bag. Strangely enough, the wallet wasn’t there, so I searched the other pockets as well but didn’t find it. My thoughts went something like: “Oh well, I guess I dropped it. I’d be nice if the manager was home so I can get into my room when I get back”, and started walking home. My heart didn’t even flinch.

This might sound a bit careless, but really, I feel great about having acted so calmly! 40k yen is quite some money, but worrying wouldn’t have helped me getting them back. If I’d worried, the only thing that would’ve happened is that I’d be poorer AND feel worse. My general thought of the situation were: “I’ll do what I can to get it back, and if I can’t, I’ll just have to live with it”.

When I got home I told some friends in the living room that I’d lost my wallet, one of them checked up the number to the café (excelsior!) where I thought I’d lost it, I contacted them and told them that I’d probably lost my wallet there, and they said they’d look for it. Then I used my friend’s window to cross over the roof over to my window and into my own room, so at least the key didn’t turn out to be a problem!

I fell asleep later that night without a thought about it.

I know many people that wouldn’t have been able to do that, and some people  even told me I was crazy for not worrying about it. But why? Accept the moment as it is, and make the best of it. It’s really the ONLY thing you can do! Even If you worry about it, or if you accept it as it is, it doesn’t change the situation. It’ll be 100% the same either way, except for your mental and physical well-being. And I prefer having my mental and physical well-being in good shape. Accepting the moment doesn’t mean that you just drop it, not trying to change it, not at all. You can do that all you want to fix it (probably even should, if you don’t like it), but with energy and calmness in your mind and heart.

Having a clear mind without stress or worry is probably also gonna help you do the best of the situation. You can think clearer, act clearer, and you can sleep soundly at night, giving you energy enough to fix the problems you might have.

In this case:

  • What about the money I would’ve had if I hadn’t dropped it!? – That’s a fantasy future you’ve made up. It’s in your head, and it’s not real. Stop worrying about it.
  • But I HAD them! – That’s in the past. It’s not the truth anymore. Drop it, accept the moment as it is and act mindfully and appropriately the way you think will most likely get them back.

In the end, I got my wallet back. I went to the café after school, they remembered me from the phone the day before and returned it to me. I thanked them heartedly and celebrated by getting a coffee. It was really tasty! Even if I hadn’t gotten it back, I’d still be happy for not having worried about it, and for having made my present more important than my past and my fantasy future!

Every moment of your life is your life, moments of awesome and moments of not awesome all the same. Honor all moments of your life by not worrying about moments that are not!

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Awesome concept, bike sharing ❤

Where I live now, in the guest house here in Japan, we have a table in the hallway called ‘The Free Take Table”, and you can put whatever things you don’t need or want there for others to take for free. I LOVE that table, it’s sooo useful! I’ve found many many things there that I’ve had use for, and I’ve put many things there that I didn’t have use for.

On of the first evenings here when I was new to the guest house, didn’t know much of the language or where to find anything, I had a slight problem: I didn’t have any lens fluid for my contacts, and I didn’t know where to get it. Since I was travelling with only hand luggage, I wasn’t allowed to bring larger quantities of fluids with me (who knows what kind of bombs you can make from lens fluid!?), so I only brought my lens case filled up.

And then I walk by the free take table and… YEAH! There’s a half full bottle of lens fluid, standing there, because someone recently moved out and apparently didn’t need it anymore! That is so fantastic. Instead of just throwing it away, you give it to someone else.

But the title says ‘borrowing‘, right? There are different kinds of borrowing. Short term and long term (and probably other types as well), and the awesome thing about this place is both of them. I’ve long time borrowed some pillows, a back support I can have in my bed to transform it into a comfortable chair, a laundry box, clothes etc. And when I’m moving out here, I’ll just put them back for others to take. And also sometimes when I’ve been in need of a specific tool, like a cutter to cut the strings after restringing my guitar, I’ve found one on the table. I just borrow it, cut the strings and put it back. It’s not like I restring my guitar all the time, so I don’t really need it forever. People who live here also have different hobbies and jobs. One guy is a carpenter and another one likes electronics, so if I need to borrow tools, I can just ask the carpenter, and if I need adapters or cables, I can just ask the other guy. It’s really handy!

The problem with borrowing is finding people to borrow from. I have a huge advantage since I’m living in a guest house and meet people daily when I have breakfast or dinner or when I’m just hanging out in the kitchen. That’s where the thing I’ve been reading about so much lately come in: Community. I was kind  of not interested when I first read about in in different blogs, but I’ve come to realize the importance of it. It’s a way to make new friends, to be able to borrow things without having to buy something new for money everytime you need it, and then store it away in your house when you’re not using it. And it’s a great practice for social skills, which I think many people need practice in : )

It’s kind of sad that mostly we live door to door with people we never meet or talk to, and mostly don’t have any relations to our neighbors, that thing kind of disappear after you stop being a student. I will really miss having the opportunity in living in a place like this when/if I move back to Sweden. I have a feeling I will feel lonely if I live in an apartment alone.

Summary of borrowing:
– You save money
– You can get hold of things fast
– You can make other people happy
– You save space
– You can make friends
– It supports creating community

Do you have any good ideas of how to create community, or better relations to our neighbors? Feel free to post them! Do you have any awesome experiences of borrowing or lending? Post them too! : )

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